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"Cougar Clippings" for 5 May 2010 from Mountain Lion Foundation

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

GF&P Scares Off Orphaned Cub

Last week a female mountain lion and her kitten were both killed by South Dakota GF&P for allegedly posing a risk to public safety (read the story). A few days later another kitten was spotted in the area. Likely due to the community outcry over the first two killings, the GF&P claimed this cat appeared "nervous" and thus didn't meet their criteria for a pubic threat, so they scared it off with non-lethal rubber bullets. Officers were unable to predict the age of the kitten but due to his estimated size and behavior, was probably still dependent on his mother for food.

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8-Month-Old Kitten is 5th Road-Killed Panther this Year

Early yesterday morning a female panther kitten was found dead on the side of Golden Gate Boulevard in Naples, FL. This is the fifth endangered Florida panther to be killed on a road this year which, along with other causes of death, brings the total number of (recorded) panthers killed so far in 2010 to eight. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists moved the kitten carcass off the road and into the nearby forest so the mother would not be hit too if she returned looking for her kitten. They set up a camera but it did not appear the mother came back. The Commission later removed the kitten for further examination at their lab in Gainesville, Florida.

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MLF Launches New "ON AIR" Broadcast Program

This week, the Mountain Lion Foundation launched its new broadcast program: ON AIR. The audio series will air research and policy discussions with cougar experts to understand the issues that face the American lion. In the first interview, MLF volunteer Julie West speaks with Florida panther biologist Deborah Jansen on her work with one of the most critically endangered animals on the planet. From inbreeding, to habitat loss, and record-high roadkills, Ms. Jansen discusses some of the biggest challenges panthers are facing. Hear about her recent field work tracking and collaring the big cats in southwest Florida, and what the future may hold for Puma concolor coryi.

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Those were just a few of the lion articles from the past week. Click here to read more! The Mountain Lion Foundation follows cougar and wildlife news each week. For a complete library of the most pertinent news articles, visit the Mountain Lion Foundation Newsroom.

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