Friday, January 28, 2011

BJP MP laments killing of tiger in Corbett


New Delhi, Jan 28 (PTI) BJP MP Tarun Vijay today lamented the killing of a tiger by forest officials in Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand and suggested the state government to create a "buffer zone" to facilitate the free movement of big cats.

Vijay also asked the BJP-ruled state to relocate the encroachers outside the sanctuary.

Forest officials had killed a "man-eater" tiger yesterday after a half-eaten human body was recovered in the national park. Earlier this month, a tigress, suspected of killing four women in two weeks, was shot at by the hunters but managed to escape.

Vijay, who represents Uttarakhand in the Rajya Sabha, said in a statement that the encroachments in Corbett make the movement of tigers uncomfortable on their land and they find the encroachers as easy prey.

He demanded "immediate creation of a buffer zone in this area and also relocation of the encroachers to safer areas".

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