Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tiger kills another man in Corbett

TNN, Jan 27, 2011, 03.20pm IST

LUCKNOW: A man was killed by a tiger in Ramnagar forest division. This is the fifth human killing in Corbett by a big cat. The forest officers have reached the spot, said a forest staff at Ramnagar forest division.

The man was killed on Wednesday evening, said the staff. The officers, on the other hand, said they could share more about the incident once the primary investigation gets over.

The big cat killing humans in Corbett is an adult tigress. The tigress is a man-eater. It has killed three humans since November in Sarpduli range under Garjia forest area of Corbett national park.

The officers, however, were not sure whether the fourth human, whose body was found about 5-6 kms away from Garjia forest was also killed by the tigress.

The tigress was shot at on January 11 by forest officers. The feline was injured in the operation. The officers said that blood stains at the spot made them believe that the tigress was injured.

The Sarpduli range of Garjia forest area has considerable human interference. The presence of Garjia temple near Corbett national park also makes it a busy place.

The locals have already risen in resentment against the park authorities after the killings.

On the other hand, tigress has completely lost the fear for humans. That is evident from the time period which kept on reducing between the killings. The second killing came more than a month after the first one. The third killing was made after a gap of just a week.

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