Monday, February 21, 2011

18 Servals, 1 Sanctuary...

Many of our servals are former "pets", wild cat species NEVER make suitable "pets" and are often abandoned once the owners realise this. Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit educational sanctuary home to over 100 unwanted, abandoned and abused exotic big cats.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Malaysia tiger mauling stopped by wife with soup ladle

14 February 2011 Last updated at 04:52 ET

A man has been rescued from a near-fatal attack by a tiger in northern Malaysia by his wife.

She entered the fray wielding a wooden soup ladle at the tiger - which fled.

Tambun Gediu, now badly lacerated and recovering in hospital, had tried hitting the tiger away in vain and says his wife saved his life.

Wildlife rangers plan to track the tiger and send it further into dense, unpopulated jungle in the the northern state of Perak.

"I was trailing a squirrel and crouched to shoot it with my blowpipe when I saw the tiger.

"That's when I realised that I was being trailed," Mr Gediu said after surgery.

The tiger pounced not far from the Gediu home in a jungle settlement of the Jahai tribe.

Mr Gediu had tried climbing a tree to escape the animal, but was dragged down by the tiger.

His wife, 55-year old Han Besau, rushed out of the kitchen on hearing his screams and used the kitchen implement to good effect.

"I was terrified and I used all my strength to punch the animal in the face, but it would not budge," the New Straits Times newspaper quoted him as saying.

"I had to wrestle with it to keep its jaws away from me, and it would have clawed me to death if my wife had not arrived."

It was the first time anyone in the village had been attacked by a tiger.

The director of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in the state, Shabrina Mohd Shariff, estimated that there were about 200 tigers in the jungles of Perak.

She added that five had been spotted near the major East-West Highway in the region.

Friday, February 11, 2011

♥ Big Cat Love ♥

The love is in the air at Big Cat Rescue. Lions, Tigers, Leopards and more are enjoying the company of loving feline companions and special Valentine's Day enrichment to play with! :)

Monday, February 07, 2011

Another buffalo killed by tiger in Charavane

Rajendra P Kerkar, TNN, Feb 7, 2011, 01.19am IST

KERI: For Mano Phale a Dhangar-Gouly from Charavane of Chorla ghat, the presence of a big cat within the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary in Sattari has proved costly. Three buffaloes have been devoured by the feline from 2009 to 2011. Two of them very recently.

Mano Phale, 67, living with his family of four in the jungle of Charavane says, "My family and I have been living amid tigers for several decades. While they have never disturbed us, one tiger killed one of my buffaloes on February 4, 2009, while two more buffaloes were killed on February 3 and 5, this year."

In a bid to avert danger to Phale's family and his livestock, forest officials have instructed him to leave his settlement in Charavane as they may soon become victims of the repeated tiger attacks.

Range forest officer of the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary Vishwas Chodankar, who visited the spot along with RFO of the Keri range Deepak Betkikar, says, "We are aware of the movement of tigers within the sanctuary's area and have already started monitoring them. The two buffaloes killed recently are within the sanctuary's limit and as per law it is difficult to provide any compensation to Phale's family."

On February 3, a pregnant buffalo was attacked by the tiger. The big cat was stopped from dragging the body away by the rest of the buffalo herd. Phale's family buried the corpse of the dead buffalo.

Then on February 5, the tiger attacked one more buffalo, this one at dawn.

Sayitri Phale says, "While searching for the missing buffalo, I was told that a tiger had been sighted by a person working in Chorla ghat. When we reached the waterhole near Kudalachemol we saw the dead buffalo with deep marks on its neck."

Volunteer with Vivekanand Environment Awareness Brigade, Keri, Dasharath Morajkar, says, "We compensated Sai Pingale with a hybrid cow, when she lost her cow to a tiger on September 27, 2009 in Ponsuli. We are hoping to compensate Mano Phale. There is urgent need to help the family on humanitarian grounds."

Amrut Singh of Animal Rescue Squad, Bicholim, while speaking to TOI at Charavane, says, "Tigers in the forest of Mhadei are struggling for survival.

"Availability of prey is also not easy. Disturbances are increasing as the Panaji-Belgaum road that passes through Chorla ghat is over burdened with transportation of trucks."

He added, "Forest department should be cautious to see that the tiger killings are not repeated. The tiger's habitat is badly threatened. We have to save the last few tigers roaming about in the region."

Meanwhile, VEAB members Subodh Naik and Deepak Gawas noticed tiger pugmarks in the reservoir area of Anjunem Irrigation Project.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Minister’s photo eye saves a tiger family

TIMELY HELP: The tigress of the Ranthambhore National Park, which was saved by Rajasthan Tourism Minister Bina Kak. Photo: Special Arrangement

Sunny Sebastian JAIPUR, February 6, 2011

The Rajasthan Tourism Minister's new love for photography saved a family of tigers in Ranthambhore National Park this week. The observant Minister, who spotted blood in the hind portion of a tigress in the photographs she took during a visit to the park, got the animal operated upon for cleaning a wound infested with maggots. The Minister, Bina Kak, is now being lauded by the conservation community not for saving one tiger but a whole family of three.

The family of T-5, referred to as “Kachida female” in the tiger conservation circles, was saved as Ms. Kak, after watching the tigress in the Ranthambhore woods this past Wednesday, felt something was amiss with the animal. “In the photographs and the video I noticed a red patch on the rump of the tigress. After seeing the pictures I went back to the spot where it was squatting and found blood stains on the ground,” said Ms. Kak, who was Forest Minister in the previous Gehlot government here, to The Hindu.

The Minister summoned Divisional Forest Officer R.P. Gupta and explained the situation. The services of two veterinarians — one from Jaipur and the other from Sawai Madhopur — was requisitioned for an early operation. “I spoke to the PCCF and briefed him on the urgency. It was a sensitive issue and the officers understandably were scared about tranquillising the tigress and carrying out an operation,” Ms. Kak said.

The Minister, who was to start for Jaipur at 6 a.m. on Thursday, stayed back to oversee the operation as the vets, Rajiv Garg and Arvind Mathur, tranquillised the tigress with darts and carried out the “clean-up” job in 20 minutes. “There were hundreds of maggots in the wound and the animal would have died eventually if the clinical intervention was not carried out,” Ms. Kak said.

The tigress got up and walked away four hours after the operation near the Anantpur chowki in Berda. “I was told that she finished a portion of her kill the next day and is now normal,” said a jubilant Ms. Kak.

“It was surely a laudable act in many ways. The Minister deserves kudos for her initiative while the team of vets has proved that now Rajasthan medics have the capacity to do such operations,” said Rajasthan Board for Wildlife member Rajpal Singh.

“Such operations involving wild tigers are rare as risks are involved though in the case of zoo animals it may appear normal,” he noted.

Ms. Kak got her reward for the good work — more photos of the tigress! Even if one does not have to believe her claim — that the tigress looked at her with grateful eyes as it walked away — the animal, as the photographs show, appears more reassured. And the latest information is that T-5 has resumed suckling her two-month-old cubs.

Tiger, tiger burning bright in Goa's forests

2011-02-06 11:40:00

Panaji, Feb 6 (IANS) English poet William Blake's 'tyger' might continue to burn bright if a spark lit by young poets and artists at a poetry camp in Goa - with the animal as its theme - catches on, even as the wilds are threatened by illegal mining.

More than two centuries after Blake immortalised India's alpha carnivore in his celebrated poem 'The Tyger', these young artists of the Vasudha Creative group are trying to breathe fire into a campaign for endorsing the forests of Goa as a tiger reserve.

'The poetry festival is dedicated to the tiger and the environment of Goa. There have been attempts made to wipe out the tracks of tigers from Goa's forests,' Kishor Naik Gaonkar, one of the organisers, told IANS.

'With the help of poets and artists, we are trying to put the tiger on Goa's map again,' he added.

The two-day festival that ends Sunday is being held in the precincts of the Shantadurga temple in Dhargal, 40 km from here, in one of those pastoral pockets of Goa, which go unnoticed and unreported.

Pandurang Gaonkar, a young poet known in Goa for his acerbic wit and acidic poetry, said that a unique exercise conducted in tandem by poets and artists would set the poetry festival apart.

'As poets recite poem after poem on various themes related to tigers, we will have a set of artists who are going to sketch the animal on canvas on the spot,' he said.

'Whatever the forest department says under the pressure of the mining lobby, the tiger exists in Goa's forests,' said Gaonkar, who has himself penned a satire in Marathi for the tandem.

'And that tiger will roar at the poetry festival and beyond it,' he added.

There are only 1,400 tigers left in India.

Two opening lines of a poem read: 'Tumhi 114 karod, aamhi 1,400. Amhi roj marto, ani tumche roj barse.' (We are a mere 1,400 and you are 114 crore. We die each day, while every day you baptise many more.)

According to Gaonkar, a recent tiger poaching incident in Goa best reflected the government's callous attitude towards environment and tiger conservation.

The state forest department first outright denied tiger poaching in the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary, after noted wildlife activist Rajendra Kerkar exposed tiger killing in April.

Top forest officials, including the chief conservator of forests Shashi Kumar, then accused Kerkar of abetting the poaching, for not revealing the source of the photograph of the dead tiger which was published in a leading national daily.

The case was finally registered, but according to Ramesh Gauns, a leading green activist from Goa, the role of the forest department in keeping the presence of the tiger under wraps in Goan forests was exposed.

'One of the reasons why the forest department is not interested in pursuing the tiger poaching case is because if the Sattari area is declared a tiger reserve, mining companies will have to bid goodbye to the 81 mining leases there,' Gauns said.

Kerkar, who is incidentally one of the chief guests at the poetry festival, says mining is the real reason why the tiger has never been officially allowed to surface in Goa's forests.

'It is beyond doubt that these forests are a home for tigers. However, if the state's handful of sanctuaries are notified as tiger reserves, mining - illegal and legal - around these, carried out with the blessings of the politicians and state administration, will have to cease,' he said.

More than 40 poets, both veterans and budding youngsters, will participate at the two-day poetry festival, in which green poems in Marathi, Hindi, Konkani and English will be recited.

Tiger found dead near Jim Corbett National Park

2011-02-06 19:50:00

A tiger was found dead in the western Terrai forest divisions bordering the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand on Sunday.

Though tiger deaths always bring questions about poaching with them, this one is being seen by the forest officials as a natural death.

"It is a male tiger and there is no sign of outer injury or marks on its body. It is an old tiger. We will conduct the postmortem today and then we will tell what really happened," said Nishant Verma, a forest official.

The cause of death here may be old age, if the forest officials are to be believed.

"The first instance here is that its paws are all torn and there are cracks in it. Also his claws are not sharp and are very blunt. It seems to be an old tiger and so there is the possibility of a natural death," Verma pointed out.

For the time being, the postmortem report of the tiger is awaited to know the real reason of death. (ANI)

Bobcat Kittens + 2011 Rehab UPDATE

The Big Cat Rescue - Bobcat Rehabilitation Program. We currently have three individual bobcats that we are rehabilitating, Midnight the bobcat kitten that was orphaned by a hunter in Alabama and Bellona and Skip two Florida bobcats that were struck by cars.
Listen to BCR President Jamie Veronica update viewers on the progress of the bobcats and their expected dates of release back into the wild where they belong!