Friday, February 10, 2012

Tourist sights tiger near Perunkundru hills

A tiger spotted by a tourist at Kadavusathi area in Anamalai Tiger Reserve near Top Slip.

February 10, 2012

Officials confirm presence of tiger in the area

An auditor from Pollachi, Vivek, who was on tour to Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) in the second week of January, sighted a tiger near Kadhavu Saathi near Perunkundru hills.

Vivek has furnished a photograph of a full-grown tiger, presumably a male.

ATR officials released the picture on Thursday and confirmed the tiger's presence in the area.

Top Slip Range Officer V.A. Saravanan said the place where the big cat was found was a high altitude area near Nerkundru, accessible from Ambuli rest house and Kozhikamudhi where the department had a camp for tamed/trained kumki elephants.

Even by conservative estimates, ATR, which lies closer to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, is estimated to have 15 tigers. The figures were arrived at on the basis of the previous census findings.

In December too a tiger was found in the sanctuary area. Cameras set up by ATR also had captured a few tigers.

However, a tiger in flesh and blood was a sight to behold, Mr. Saravanan said.

Beginning Friday, the ATR officials are embarking on a census to enumerate the tiger population, other predators and assess their prey density.

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